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so I'll by the suck-sinkiest in da world:
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   Hello, dear Reader. I am Blou Surf, the webmentor of this great liberty promoting site. It promotes all things good from all the authors that I collectively call 'Ron Paul and Friends and their Friends.' And who and what does this site promote: as Ron Paul constantly says, and as this site concurs, his philosophy is about fighting, mainly government, intervention in three areas: the domestic front, the economy and on the world scene; I would also add freedom in the medical domain. And how does it promote them: it does this by being both a repeater-site and a finder of their articles and resources. That is this site has entries that have links to the web articles or books and such of these Friends. Ron Paul can be found at Read more about our great web site!

Learn About Our SiteRead and Write Entries on a Variety of TopicsCreate and Access any Info from this SiteOffer and Procure Products and ServicesGive and Take Informal Courses on a Variety of SubjectsAccess Local Markets, Turfletters and UsersAccess User Entries, Products, Services, Mail, Profiles and Vita Match


Hi, we're the Blue Surf, the Mentor's of this Fair Site and we're so proud of it that we can say this site contains all that's good in Bloogle, Bluepedia, Bluemazon and Bluebook; but it's for the liberty-minded community! The only difference is that, eventually, all the Info in the World will be entered by blue fingers!

Hi, Blublius here again! And meet Blou Surf, one of the Blue Surfs: he's the one wearing 'Press' and the ginormous watch. He's ma mentor, actually, the Uber Mentor of this fair site. Come a little closer so he can't hear: all-n-all, he's a little pen-dandy-uch. But he is informationative! Well, I got more ta tell ya, and it's very important. All about this great Liberty Fair!


Well, this here great Fair has lots a good things, like the Free Pedia tent where ya can larn a lot about Liberty and Informal-and-Consensual-Health. There's also the Pro Vita tent, where one can view the NEWS and many good ARTICLES: then one can filter them to get what you like: this is called Free Eagle. Most of tha time we be a-linkin' to other good liberty articles on the net! We also link to many good health articles; in fact, most of our Entries and News, at the present times, is about the Pendemic.

One can also go to ta Free Market tent where one can find some interestin' books and videos about Liberty et all...but it's not fully constructed yet: in the future one can make transactions with anybodies in ta whole wide world to find anathing ya wants. However, very sadly our User Registering Machine is not fully working: Blou Surf, is too particular about this 'n that, but soon y'all be a-clacking your Laptops and stuffings your two cents right inta our site. Ergo, our User Servicing tents are not open: and these are the Free Versity, Free Book and My Turf: but they be open perty soon, I thanks.

And note that the Blou is very poor and could only buy some second-hand Interneting machineries: that means most clicks will take from 5 to 10 seconds to spin their wheels and show ya some results. Howeva, he's trying to buy some faster machineries for the future.

And don't forgit to read the stuffings wrote by Blou below. He's not as good a writer as me, and come closer, he's a little pen-dandy-uch, ha! But he's very informationative!

Now hear some good words from Joelean: "And don't forget to read what our Liberty Lady has to say: she can be thought of as the spirit of this place. And she's the only one, along with her foundation stone, who can stomp down the head of that devilish Global For'm that is stomping down on our own heads at present: and that For'm is sure a crippling singled-minded, multi-headed hydra like the one in that movie 'The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao'; but if, like in the movie, we take care of our own misdirections, then maybe some uber-natural forces, if called upon, can help us defeat that dragon." Thanks, Joelean for those wonderful words.

And if ya have time, come and join us for some coffee and cake in the Info Booth where we'll guide you on a tour of all tha in'hibitions in thar. See ya, soon!


Hi, Freedom Lovers! Here is my version of what Blublius said and a little bit more: it is more coherent, but a little pen-dandy-uch. Yes, I heard that, Blublius. I'm not hurt because I know that I'm more 'informationative'. So take a coffee, and some cake too--make sure it is organic--and read my glorious documentation on this glorious site. No, I'm not prideful in ta wrong ways, Blublius. I am jus' the most humble man in ta whole wide world!

CURRENT SERVICES: This site promotes Liberty and Informed and Consented Health by using the following services: The service Free Pedia presents comprehensive encyclopedic info and a news repeater service; Provita Land is the main center of operations which performs many services including the Daily News, an archive of previous news; 'Free Eagle', which can find any article on the site, and by extension and eventually, all info on the planet, and where, in the future, users can enter and edit articles; Free Eagle uses state-of-the-art filters to find any type of info; the present The Free Market helps one find some Liberty and Health Media but will do more in the future (see below); And The Info Booth provides a virtual tour of our site as our illustrious tour guide, Blublius Surf, pronounces about our site's philosophy of liberty and Informed and Consented Health. However, all these services aren't separate, but form one integrated whole where one part easily flows into another.

FUTURE SERVICES: Free Book provides a free, untracked and private social media; My Turf presents local Info, Users and Markets; Free Versity provides informal courses that are more like extended forums; and the future Free Market will connect any user with any supplier in the world to make transactions among themselves.

Therefore a key emphasis of this site is to gather together links to all good liberty and Informed and Consented Health info on the net which can then be found easily using powerful filters --that is, our site finds our links to your entry which then finds your actual entry on the net. For example, this site can eventually find, in an easy and powerful way, any entry from if a link has been entered on this site. And note that these links to your info are also fully-fledged site entries: that is, in them, users can also discuss, praise and evaluate your entries while at the same time amplifying them by adding good cross-references and supporting media.

Option Informed and Consented Health has these traits: 1) Doctors have a comprehensive knowledge, are open to all cogent health alternatives, have knowledge of good nutrition, provides to patients full knowledge of their conditions and options and supports freedom of choice for all. 2) Although free in what they do, Doctors should have the knowledge and attitude to dispense drugs at a proper rate. 3) Doctors and Officials are open to giving comprehensive knowledge and choices to patients in the area of vaccines. 4) Promotes 'Organic Nutrition' among other nutritional choices.

Organic Nutrition' has these traits: 1) Most foods are mostly Organic; at least, they should be mostly GMO free, mostly pesticide free and grown in good nutrient-rich soil. Locally grown is an extra benefit. 2) Most meats are grass-fed and free of hormones; 3) in Dairy, open to all methods and to freedom of choice; but tends to prefer grass-fed cows, organic feed, and possibly non-pasteurization and non-homogenization; 4) The use of needed supplements that are mostly organic.

The Webmentor is tending toward a qualified "Terrain" philosophy of medicine and nutrition. Terrain medicine says that most diseases comes from toxins in the environment and the worst toxins are bad food. Their diet consists only or fruits, vegetables, some nuts, some beans and distilled water. Note that I am freely doing this: I believe that it's forcing these choices that is wrong. I qualify this by the use of some needed supplements due mainly to the increase of toxins in the last 30 years. I also occasionally eat, for a bit of variety, some healthy dairy, meat, and grains.

In 1970, Professor Colin Clark in 'The Myth of Overpopulation' stated that the world could feed up to 35 billion people! He stated that the world has enough energy, mineral resources, forests, food and the capacity to solve pollution to enable this. However, in this book he based his calculations on the use of synthethic fertilizers include phosphate, which, he claimed, at the then mining and usage rates would last for a thousand years. However, some sources say that fertilizers deplete the soil and the nutrients that grown in them: Do we want this? Fortunately, experts in the field say organic methods can grow food at least at the same rates and costs and perhaps at even better rates. How many people can organics sustain? Many sources believe that it can sustain the present population with no problem and some say up to 10 billion. Some population experts say world population will peak at 10 billion in 30 years and then fall off or stay even. So if organic methods can sustain that number while preserving the soil and providing with good nutritious food wouldn't that be a good thing? Many sources believe that the only major problems that can prevent prosperity is social and political and only a free society using free market principals can sustain proper growth.

A) Note that I always believe any decision to take up organic farming is voluntary and as I believe in the Free Market, one should allow free choices to shape our actions and beliefs: perhaps there is some leeway in what can and should be done in the field of agriculture.
B) It seems that Organic Farming has taken a beating in Sri Lanka. Could this be a false situation, brought on by the elites to discredit organic farming: rather, could organic farming be a good option if we take the proper time to develop it and don't get ensconced in IMF loans. Although the 'Elites' somewhat promote "organic Farming' to a certain extent, could they be doing this to first discredit conventional farming; and once conventional farming is destroyed, could they then discredit organic and regenerational farming: this will eventually leave the world in dire straits: at this point they could bring in their manufactured meat and tier-towered systems to save us.

As a Libertarian, the Webmentor is against all types of force at the internet, social, business and governmental levels. We should persuade others to come to see our viewpoints. Any health viewpoint is allowed on this site, as info, as long as the user provides cogent reasons for their use: then we can debate the issues until they are as properly clarified as can be.

Although the Webmaster is a flexible when allowing for a free flow of information, naturally, a person can not enthusiatically promote any actual health products and services that they deem of a very poor, or even unsafe, quality. Therefore the Webmenter strongly promotes these items: 1) For Doctor and Clinical Services they should be, more or less, of the 'Informed and Consented Health' variety. 2) In the case of promoting Health Products, items with 'Organic' traits should be promoted on this site. However, there should be some lattitude here, especially if one can prove one's nutrients are 'good and safe.'

However, being a Libertarian, I believe that it will be the actual free market that can, and will, eventually solve these problems.

"Ambitious, think you, we are. Good it is, to think big: for how, accomplished, anything can be, unless in the first place, on a large scale, conceived ." -- From the Tales of the Surf