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Untracked, free and private, we facilitate the gathering, discussing and finding of all knowledge, products and services, but focus on liberty & options-centered health.


Free Speech and Liberty: This site strongly supports free speech and Liberty. As Ron Paul states it, Liberty can be defined by how the Government refrains from intervention in three areas: the economic (no impediments and nannying), the domestic (no spying and excessive policing) and the international sphere (no unnecessary wars and tariffs). It also promotes Liberty in the area of medicine and promotes good natural and organic philosophies.

Hello, everyones. I'm Publius Surf. I'm just visitin' ma good friend the Treasure Cat. This cool Cat is called Constitution. Yep, that's his name. A good name, aint it? And this here Liburrty Tree nurtures this cool Cat. Theys have what some calls a sym-idiotic relations! I thank some of my cousins have the same thang! Golly! Well, Constitution here makes sure that all us Surfs are free to roam the roads, anytimes, anywheres and anyways we's like toos. We, in our turns, will make sure that the Treasure Cat don't dis'pear piece by piece 'til it 'tirely varnishes!

My pal Constitution quote-unquote belongs to my nuncle Sam and find's my nuncle's tummy a warm place to sleep; however, there's been some vile green gloop flyin' aroun' these days from those in das Kapitol playing Crook-ed and our cool cat can't get away from it. We must all free our dear and precious constitution from bloc'ations and 'air balls that impede the proper expirations of its essential being and to free its ten claws to guard our God-given natural rights!

Free-pedia also leads to the The Free Market: If one picks certain Subjects such 'Groceries' or 'Fruit' or 'Apples' one will find articles that this site calls 'Resources.' Resources are Products, Media and Services that one can actually buy. Most of these items will be natural and organic and healthy! However, with this site having a Libertarian philosophy, one is, within reason, free to sell anything here: I just hope one is clear in your conscience when you sell such things. At the Resource, one can list its many Suppliers from anywhere in the world. Once at a Supplier, one can make a transaction, off this site, with the Supplier.

So don't biden your time in your own cellar; rather get out and hear the great trump-ets heralding great bargains to the wholes countryside and buy from this 'flowing corn'copia!

These captions are all from the 'Tales of the Surf's'
Tiny folk who constantly wash 'gainst the obstinate rocks until it transfurs them into malleable material... I'm meaning them thar rocks, not our own hard heds, woo. - Publius.


One can log in here or anytime on the Provita Land Page which is also the Home page. To become a member press the "Register as User" button below.


Apply here to register as a User: One starts out as a Poster and can advance up to a Reporter, with Supplier and Expert status. After entering a 'personal health philosophy' statement one can become registered within one to seven days. One can enter any user name. Emails are only needed so one can get notification of enrollment and one's password.


This is used to set a temporary 'Home' Location. A Home Location is usually where one resides. When one sets a Home Location here, then the Default 'Search' Location will be set to this Home Location. Thenceforth, all Articles will 'come from' this Search Location.

Note that the Search Location can have two modes: 'Newsletter Mode' and 'Object Mode.' In Newsletter Mode one gets all the Articles that are found in the Newsletters headquarted within the Search Location: eg. all the doctors described in the Newsletters of Mumbai. In Object Mode, one gets all the Articles that matches ups with real physical locations: eg. all the doctors actually in Mumbai.

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Learn all About us: how we are an E-Newsletter, a Marketing Site and Social Network all wrapped up into one site that can market and inform people about anything to do with Organic Food, Organic Farming, Integrative Medicine or anything about improving health, vitality and longevity in a natural way. It has powerful search engines that can pinpoint Products, Services and Media anywhere in the world--as long as you, the User, have entered this info.

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All local E-Newsletters deal with local issues as well as print the general articles placed in the Flag-ship E-Newsletter, The Calgary ProVita. Each local E-Newsletter is located in a large geographical called a Directorate. In turn, each Directorate is located in a larger geographical area called an Executive Directorate. All Executive Directorates are under the Global Administration. Therefore if one presses the link above one can follow the links downward until one can gets to any region and their Newsletters.

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WEBMASTER: Hi, I am the webmaster of the site: of course, my name isn't Lou Plante: that is just a pseudonym. Well, just press the link and find out all about me: well, as much as I'm willing to reveal.

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There are four levels of usage for this site: basic usage; basic editing; advanced usage and advanced editing. The basic usage of the site is easy: just press the buttons and occasionally read online instructions. Basic Editing and Advanced Usage is just a little harder: however, by patience one can become proficient in it. In addition, one will be assigned an Mentor from your assigned 'Work Turf' to help you. (Your 'Work Turf' is the Newsletter and fellow Staff (other Users) from your town or locale; note that at first it will be 'The Calgary Pro Vita' until local Turfs are established.) If one needs further help for Advanced Editing one can get it for a small nominal fee. Press the link above to see one's Staff and Mentor info: go down the line by pressing 'Staff' until one sees one's Mentor and oneself. Note, when one is registered as a user, or one advances up a user level, webmail will inform of your new Mentor's name. Send them webmail if one has questions.


Learn about several specials features of this site like 1) a link to Dr. Fuhrman, a nutritional specialist, 2) a link to Jeffrey Smith, an expert in the dangers of GMO's; 3) a parody of MacBeth where Con-Federation Captian McSpok kills his 'King; to forcefully instill GMO's unto a planetary system; and 4) The Atlantis Quilt, where Agent Wolfe Greathair pursues his quest to find out all about a strange Dove-Like ship in his Trek Files.