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Free-pedia is a Liberty info concentrator and repeater: that is, it gathers into one place links to many Liberty articles; one can then find them using powerful search techniques; in addition, one could add your own links and original articles. Just pick a search method below and go for it.

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Keep up to date on the latest Liberty news and info. This is from the current 'Edition' of one's local Newsletter which nevertheless also contains articles of a broad geographical and general interest. For more info on how the Newsletter 'Empire' is organized see 'Searching By Location and By Newsletters.'

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This site is mainly a repeater news website: that means it mainly has articles that have links to other website articles that discuss important Issues: some are website for liberty lovers and other are of peripheral interest to them. Also included are list of sites and their articles that deal with good scientific studies on the current 'pandemic.'

See page for author / Public domain VIEW ARTICLES ON SPECIAL SUBJECTS

View articles and websites of especial interest to liberty lovers: Covid, GMOS, Health, Climate Change, The Great Reset, Libertarianism, Austrian Economics and much more!


View a list of various types of intervention; then select one's 'favorite' intervention and view a list of supportive assets that aid in the reduction of its effects: sites, lawyers, experts, doctors, organizations, local groups and much more.

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One can search a large range of locations, from the whole world to the tiniest neighborhood! Note that because a Newsletter covers a certain geographic region, searching by Newsletter will be included in Searching by Location.


One will be brought to the Date Selection Page where one can search in two ways: 1) view all Articles which describe events that happened within a certain range of dates; or 2) view all articles that were published on a certain date or within a range of dates.


The Liberty-Septimal System: organizing Liberty Info in order to find things easily. All Subjects are organized into an seven-level hierarchy: start at the top and go down to any level and subject. One will notice that there may be few articles for a certain topic. Then add some: paraphrasing the great John Kennedy, ask not what your site can do for you; ask what you can do for your site.


View all Articles and Media created by any 'Author', whether from this site or any other site, whether on-line or off.

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Note that all the options above eventually takes one to the Home Page where one can do advance searching. There, one can filter by any and all of the filters mentioned above and many more. This page also has a Amazon-like Text-Search which may be the only search filter one needs if one already knows what one is looking for.


Is my articles lost in a large archive? One wonders who will see your articles buried in the deep-dark article archive like the warehouse where Indiana Jones placed the Ark. Fortunately, there are ways to make your articles more visible to users.

Ways for users to view your articles: To make your article more accessible by more users then do the following: 1) Make sure one's article gets Published: that means it is simply placed it in the Database for viewing. How is it published: Turfmentors regularly check for newly added articles and if it passes the site's 'suitability' criteria it is published: this makes sure the article's assertions are sufficiently backed-up commensurate with the article's stated 'Certainty Target', is not extremely offensive (eg. has porn) and and seems not to break anything, in an obvious way, like trademark, copyright or plagiarism rules or any other such similar items. 2) Submit' your article to your Turf's current Edition. If Turf Mentors deem the article of local interest, they will place it in the current monthly edition, which may even be carried-over to other editions. In addtion, if the Turf Mentor deems the article to be of National or International interest, they will submit the article to the Webmaster's core set of articles which are usually shown in all Newsletters for some time. 3) Make sure that one describes one's article very well, adding good dates, locations, authors, originating websites and subjects: this way it can be found more easily by people making articles searches. Note that an article has two types of subjects: its one main subject and many secondary subjects; so make sure one adds many good secondary subjects to one's articles.

How to Navigate the Subject System: Pressing the button above will take you to the Home page where the Subject Filter will be open at the top level: at the top, one starts with a Complex of Buildings like the Town or the Health Expo; in the Town are Buildings like the Library; in a Building are Floors and on the floors are Aisles; down the Aisles are Displays; in the Displays are Shelves and on the Shelves are the Articles, Sites and Resources. However, one can list all of the Articles for any of the levels.

Free Speech and Liberty: This site strongly supports free speech and Liberty. As Ron Paul states it, Liberty can be defined by how the Government refrains from intervention in three areas: the economic (no impediments and nannying), the domestic (no spying and excessive policing) and the international sphere (no unnecessary wars and tariffs). It also promotes Liberty in the area of medicine and promotes good natural and organic philosophies.

Hello, everyones. I'm Publius Surf. I'm just visitin' ma good friend the Treasure Cat. This cool Cat is called Constitution. Yep, that's his name. A good name, aint it? And this here Liburrty Tree nurtures this cool Cat. Theys have what some calls a sym-idiotic relations! I thank some of my cousins have the same thang! Golly! Well, Constitution here makes sure that all us Surfs are free to roam the roads, anytimes, anywheres and anyways we's like toos. We, in our turns, will make sure that the Treasure Cat don't dis'pear piece by piece 'til it 'tirely varnishes!

My pal Constitution quote-unquote belongs to my nuncle Sam and find's my nuncle's tummy a warm place to sleep; however, there's been some vile green gloop flyin' aroun' these days from those in das Kapitol playing Crook-ed and our cool cat can't get away from it. We must all free our dear and precious constitution from bloc'ations and 'air balls that impede the proper expirations of its essential being and to free its ten claws to guard our God-given natural rights!

These captions are all from the 'Tales of the Surf's'
Tiny folk who constantly wash 'gainst the obstinate rocks until it transfurs them into malleable material... I'm meaning them thar rocks, not our own hard heds, woo. - Publius.

Free-pedia also leads to the The Free Market: If one picks certain Complex Subjects such as the 'Health Expo' or a Building Subject like 'Groceries' or a Floor Subject like 'Fruit' or a Aisle Subject like 'Apples' one will find articles that this site calls 'Resources.' Resources are Products, Media and Services that one can actual buy. Most of the items will be natural and organic and healthy! However, with this site having a Libertarian philosophy, one is, within reason, free to sell anything here: I just hope one is clear in your conscience when you sell such things. At the Resource, one can list its many Suppliers from anywhere in the world. Once at a Supplier, one can make a transaction, off this site, with the Supplier.

So don't biden your time in your own cellar; rather get out and hear the great trump-ets heralding great bargains to the wholes countryside and buy from this 'flowing corn'copia!