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Untracked, free and private, we facilitate the gathering, discussing and finding of all knowledge, products and services, but focus on liberty & Informed and Consented health.



Under Construction: Although this service is under construction, one can read the documentation below to see how it will work when completed.

Note that this Sub-Service can be thought as a part of this Site's Social Network: that is because it deals with a community of users in a Local area. It can also be thought of as part of the Free Market since it contains a local Free Market. Finally, it also can be thought of as part of Freepedia because it contains local Info. For purposes of practical organization, and because it contains some core Social Network structures, it will be thought of more as a Social Network. However, the sub-service, Free Book, is the core of the Social Network.

Because this site wants to deliver a powerful and 'open 'Social Network' while at the same time desiring to ensure users privacy, this Social Network may seem to get to complicated real fast: so just read the documentation below to get to know all the wonderful features that My Turf and our great Social Network will enventualy provide.

See Full Introduction to My Turf